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Porthcawl celebration is just sheer Celtic magic

Robin Huw Bowen_km103_1200

CWLWM CELTAIDD: Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl, March 9-12, 2017: The good folk of Porthcawl didn’t know what had hit them; packed away in the Grand Pavilion, a flood of wonderful Celtic Magic bubbled, steamed and roared, and dancers and musicians from Wales, Cornwall, The Isle Of Man, Ireland and Scotland played, partied and delivered such jaw-dropping,…

Spiro serve up a brain-boggling acoustic wall of sound


SPIRO: Roots Unearthed, Lefel 3, St David’s Hall, Cardiff, February 17, 2017 Spiro are… well, a musical enigma. Even in their home city of Bristol, they remain pretty hidden, inconspicuous and mysterious; but when they come together, the sparks truly fly and the Spiro magic is ignited. Guitarist Jon Hunt, piano accordionist Jason Sparkes, mandolinist…

Martyn celebrates with spectacular songs for the coming home


MARTYN JOSEPH: Roots Unearthed, Lefel 3, St David’s Hall, Cardiff, November 29, 2016 It was a brilliant, celebratory homecoming for Martyn Joseph. The Penarth-based guitarist, wonderful singer and unique songwriter was just into his Winter Tour, with shows and concerts all over the depth and breadth of the UK, with America and Europe beckoning on…