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Gwerincymru o Gymru or byd

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Welcome to FolkWales Online Magazine! Wales is an exciting, rewarding and beautiful country to live in, and FolkWales OM will focus on events, topics and stories that matter; the movers and the shakers, folk development organisations, the traditional and the inspirational musicians living in Wales, an instant all-Wales and the borders Listings Diary, CD and live reviews from concert halls down to the tiniest of folk clubs, dance and traditional drama in Wales, BBC radio folk personalities - the list is endless. FolkWales OM is edited by Mick Tems, journalist and former Calennig musician, who says: "FolkWales Online Magazine is reaching around the world, to Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, Europe - and Wales, too. I'm proud to be playing a part of this showcase for the Welsh tradition."


Contact: Mick Tems, Editor - FolkWales Magazine, 88 Manor Chase, Y Beddau, Pontypridd, CYMRU / WALES CF38 2JE Phone: 01443 206689

E-mail: micktems@FolkWales.org.uk Website: www.folk.wales