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Mick O'Brien

  The hauntingly beautiful sounds of the Irish uilleann bagpipes will be heard in Pontypridd as some of Ireland’s top traditional musicians perform at the annual Piping At The Old Bridge’ concert at Pontypridd Museum on Friday, September 6. Instructional workshops will be given on Saturday, September 7. The uilleann pipes, the national bagpipe of…

Mighty Pendevig! 15-musician juggernaut plans to turn Welsh trad music on its head


“There’s a thriving music scene in Wales at the moment, and we want to bring that energy onto the Pavilion stage this year” – these are the words of Angharad Jenkins, member of award-winning folk band, Calan, and one of those involved in creating Pendevig, a brand-new 15-musician-strong juggernaut starring some of Wales’s leading players.…

Dreaming The Night Field: how Brummie Stacey learned to love The Mabinogion and the Welsh language

Dreaming The Night Field1

Question: What do you get if you mix magnetic Welsh storyteller Michael Harvey, the wonderful and simply stunning voices, harp and accordion of Stacey Blythe and Lynne Denman and production company Adverse Camber? Answer: Dreaming The Night Field, the fourth branch of the centuries-old Welsh-language literary masterpiece, The Mabinogion – and Michael, Lynne and Stacey…

Stunning music, beautiful lyrics and a strong celtic gesture: that’s Mary Ann’s language

Mary Ann Kennedy

Mary Ann Kennedy is a Scottish Gaelic musician, singer, choral director, composer, radio and television presenter and music producer; she also trains and conducts Còisir Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis, the Inverness Gaelic Choir, and she used to be a founder member with the Gaelic ‘super-group’ Cliar. Both she and her musician husband Nick Turner produced her solo…

Martyn celebrates with spectacular songs for the coming home


MARTYN JOSEPH: Roots Unearthed, Lefel 3, St David’s Hall, Cardiff, November 29, 2016 It was a brilliant, celebratory homecoming for Martyn Joseph. The Penarth-based guitarist, wonderful singer and unique songwriter was just into his Winter Tour, with shows and concerts all over the depth and breadth of the UK, with America and Europe beckoning on…