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Folkwales Online Magazine December 2012

Gwerincymru — o Gymru o’r byd

Lively Letters



Diatonic Accordion is not English!

The Eisteddfod judges committed a double blunder when they criticised your editor for playing “too English” an instrument. In fact, the diatonic accordion wasn’t English at all; it was Breton, made by a Frenchman, Auxerre-born Eric Martin, in Maxent, to the west of Rennes, and it was modelled on Marc Savoy’s series of Cajun accordions, made in Eunice, Louisiana – about 3,000 miles from England. I would suggest to the judges: kindly belt up, because you do not have a blessed clue.


Dai Jeffries



Congratulations to Folkwales Listings

Congratulations! I’m definitely going for your Folkwales Listings, which must be the most accurate, the most up-to-date and the most comprehensive of all events diaries in all the internet media. I’m a little hacked off with the clumsy mis-spellings perpetrated on the internet by other listings pages, and shame on Celtic Heartbeat for always referring to them – just typical of BBC Wales! I have already stopped buying Taplas, which comes out fearfully late, rendering the Gig Guide useless. It costs the earth, too… IF you can get one. Folkwales does not cost the earth, in fact it is entirely free and it’s readily available. Good luck to Folkwales Online Magazine, which is a real tonic with well-informed articles. Wales really needs a proper internet magazine.


John Clarke



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